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   Code    Discount Coupon Code Definition:
   infinity01    $600 off on Infinity Iyashi Massage Chair
   infinity02    $400 off on Infinity IT8500 Massage Chair
   infinity03    $300 off on Infinity IT8100 Massage Chair
   infinity04    $400 off on Infinity IT9800 Massage Chair
   infinity05    $100 off on Infinity IT7800 Masage Chair

* Rules for Discount Coupon Use:

  • Limit one coupon redemption per order applies. There is no exception.
  • Apply coupon code BEFORE checkout and verify discount in your shopping basket.
  • We are unable to adjust or apply discounts after the order is completed.
  • Discount codes do not apply to:
    - Taxes
    - Shipping & Handling Fees
    - Wholesale, On-sale Items
  • When a package which qualified the free shipping is returned:
    - The original outbound shipping cost for a package will be deducted from the refund.
  • You may choose ONE free item per order that has only regular price items.