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Massagenius 768 Massage Chair

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Come lay down flat to 190 degrees and enjoy the amiable massage to escape that stressful world.

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Massagenius 768 the genuine Shiatsu Massage Chair
brings you true relaxation from your head to your toes. It's ergonomic chair back design and humanized built-in programs performs hand touch rolling, tapping and kneading functions. Come lay down flat to 190 degrees and enjoy the amiable massage to escape that stressful world.


Double reclining mechanism Inversion reclining: It reclines up to 190 degrees to relief spine pressure and also enforce neck and shoulder massage.
Zero-Gravity reclining It evenly spreads the body weight over the whole back, which is the most relaxing posture to enjoy the whole body massage.
Automatic and synchronous reclining makes it easy to get in and out of the chair.
Ergonomic 'S' style chair back design brings human touch massage to you.
Perform rolling, tapping and kneading deep tissues shiatsu massage.
14 rollers provide wider and longer massage area
Unlimited roller width adjustment customizes the massage for you.
Multi-purpose leg massage massages calves and feet by kneading and rolling.
Vibrating seat helps the lower body relaxation.
Pin pointing massage gives the sore spot a nice treatment.
Automatic Shut off timer safe guards the process.
Magnets provide magnetic therapy.
A complimentary cushion makes it a regular recliner.

Professional Massage

Shiatsu (Kneading) Massage
Shiatsu Massage uses three intricate movements: pressure is applied gently to an acupoint, it is held, and then is suddenly released. This massage technique is both relaxing and invigorating simultaneously.

Massagenius used modern electronic technology to analyze the finger movement of a professional massage therapist in order to develop a way to duplicate it.

Rolling Massage
Rolling massage helps to stretch the spine and relieve pressure on the discs. As two massage wheels roll up and down the spine, they also helps to stimulate spinal nerve roots and reduce muscular back pain. Two massage heads, as opposed to other units that offer more, are optimal for increasing blood circulation instead of cutting it off.

Tapping Massage

Tapping Massage
Tapping massage helps to improve blood circulation, reducing muscle stiffness and enhancing movement of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Advanced Massagenius technologies present in all of our massage chairs enable you to select the strength of the 500 taps per minute as well as the area to be massaged. The most unique function of this chair is it let you have total control of 12 roller moving speeds and 12 different levels of intensity. In the manual mode, it will work in the specific range you designate at the speed you command with the intensity you like. It works better than a skilled massage expert, like an amiable servant, it is always at your service.

Tapping Massage

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